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Got places to go, but no wheels?  Want a fast, convenient, affordable and environmentally friendly way to get there?  The University of Richmond has partnered with North America’s largest car-sharing service, Zipcar, to offer our campus community a cost-effective alternative to car ownership.

UR students 18 and older—along with faculty, staff and local residents 21 and older—may reserve a car by the hour or day. Students with Non-US Licenses may be asked to provide additional legal documents. Zipcar offers self-service access to cars 24/7, low hourly and daily rates (which include gas and insurance), a quick online/mobile reservation system and Zipcars conveniently located on campus. 

Click here to register and begin driving today!

International Students

If you have a foreign driver's license you will need to provide documentation from your country regarding your driving history.  Click here to read about foreign license member requirements.

Policy and Procedure for using Zipcar for transportation to service sites

If your community partner cannot be accessed by any of the University of Richmond’s transportation options you might be eligible to use the University Zipcars.  Please submit your request for a Zipcar here.