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GRTC Bus Service

The GRTC Pulse is Richmond’s new bus rapid transit system. The Pulse stops at 14 destinations, between Willow Lawn and Rocketts Landing, with buses arriving and leaving every 15 minutes. The University shuttle, The Willow Lawn Xpress, transports students, faculty and staff from the Transportation Hub to the Pulse stop at Willow Lawn.

GRTC’s bus 75 is a 20-minute ride from campus to Willow Lawn, with a stop at St. Mary’s hospital.  GRTC Bus 75 runs every 30 minutes during peaks hours from 6am-9am, and from 4pm-6:30pm.

GRTC’s bus 77 replaces the Grove 16.  Bus 77 connects with the Pulse at the Science Museum travels up Grove Avenue to Libbie Avenue and continues to the Pulse at Willow Lawn.  This bus is in service Monday through Friday from 5am to 7pm and on Saturdays and Sundays 7am to 7pm.  UR members riding this bus can connect with the Willow Lawn Xpress at Libbie and York.  GRTC Bus 77 provides transportation to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.

The University provides GRTC Tap Cards to any full-time student, faculty or staff member to use the GRTC transit systems.  GRTC tap cards can be used on the GRTC Pulse and buses.  To obtain a UR tap card, complete the online request form, or visit the Parking and Transportation office in the Special Programs Building.