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During the COVID-19 pandemic GRTC will be fare free.  The University will not be issuing tap cards this school year. 

All GRTC riders must wear face mask/face coverings.  All rides should be essential (to work or school).  Riders should enter and exit through the rear door of the bus.  Leave the seat next to you empty.  For more GRTC restrictions go to:

Faculty, staff, full-time students, and SPCS certificate or degree-seeking students are eligible to receive a GRTC tap card, which allows for free ridership on the GRTC bus services. All eligible members must register each academic year by submitting this form. The tap card will expire on August 31 of each year.

Employees’ tap card will be mailed to their campus department.  Employee tap cards are to be used solely for transportation to and from work at the University.

Resident student’s tap cards will be mailed to their campus address. Off-campus students’ passes will be mailed to the local address provided. Students may use their tap cards for any GRTC bus services for transportation to and around the City of Richmond.

For information on the bus routes that serves the University of Richmond, please visit GRTC’s website. 

The University of Richmond’s shuttle, Willow Lawn Xpress, will give you access to the Shops at Willow Lawn and The GRTC Pulse. The Willow Lawn Xpress departs campus from the Transportation Hub to the GRTC Pulse’s Willow Lawn Transfer Station Monday through Friday.

Visit the Transportation website for more information on the University of Richmond's transportation options and links to the shuttle's GPS tracking.

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