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Group Transportation Charter Services

When planning a group trip, you'll need to consider the following factors as you evaluate transportation options: number of people traveling, distance (local or out of town), any disability accommodations, and your budget for transportation. We will advise on the availability of fleet. To request transportation for 12 passengers or fewer, please complete the transportation request form.  If you have additional questions you may contact UR Transportation Services, at 804-289-8703

For 12 passengers or fewer, Transportation can provide
  • A driver and 12-passenger shuttle for local transportation in the Richmond region (4 hours minimum, rate is $25 per hour)
  • A driver and a 11-passenger van for greater distances (i.e. Washington, D.C., Virginia Beach) (4 hours minimum, rate is $25 per hour + mileage)

For 13 passengers or more, the University of Richmond has prepared a list of preferred vendors that meet the following criteria: 

  • Properly insured
  • Safety records reviewed
  • Individual service
  • Set rates for University of Richmond - vendor rates will vary
  • No trip deposit required
  • No cancellation fee for a University sanctioned event

Preferred Vendors

UR Representative



James Limousine 

Randy Allen

(804) 273-1540

James River Transportation

Tyler Reed

(804) 342-7300

RMA Worldwide

Michael Pagano

(888) 888-5466

Venture Tours Inc.

Michelle Paul

(757) 494-1480

Winn Transportation

Mark Pounders

(804) 358-9466