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Campus Loop

The Campus Loop is suspended for the summer.  Service will begin again on August 26, 2017.

The Campus Loop shuttle is a nightly continuous shuttle that runs through campus seven (7) days a week with extended service on weekends. 

Route Stops

  • Tyler Haynes Commons
  • Gateway Road at Business School
  • **Bostwick Lane
  • Parking lot B6 at Moore Hall
  • Weinstein Center for Recreation & Wellness
  • Entrance to the Robins Center at the emergency phone
  • **College Road and Lakewood Drive
  • UR Drive at the entrance to lot A47/48
  • Gateway Apartment at the brick pathway
  • Entrance to the Special Programs Building and the 600 UFA
  • Crenshaw Way and parking lot W40 by the emergency phone
  • Crenshaw Way at parking lot W37
  • Student Activities Complex - Cottages
  • Keller Road at the entrance to Keller Hall
  • Keller Road stop sign at Westhampton Way
  • Gateway Road at Business School
  • Richmond Way at the Carole Weinstein International Center
  • Richmond Way at Whitehurst

** Bostwick Lane and College Road stops by request only.  Please call 804-289-8715 for service. 

Sunday - Wednesday, 8pm-1am (DST), 7pm-1am (End of DST)

Thursday, 8pm-2am (DST), 7pm-2am (End of DST)

Friday and Saturday, 8pm-3am (DST), 7pm-3am (End of DST)

DST = Daylight Saving Time

Green Bikes

The University of Richmond's bike share program was launched in 2009, in an effort to provide an alternative green form of transportation, lessen on-campus traffic, and minimize our carbon footprint. Students, faculty, and staff can use the University's beach cruisers to travel from various campus locations. Riding is free, and you can pick up and leave the bikes at racks placed throughout campus.

Grab a bike and GO!

Transportation Success

Did you know that in its first semester of expanded service the Campus Loop provided more than 4,000 rides, making it our most popular shuttle? Thanks for your support!